The Company

Based in Troon, ART (Acoustic Reproduction Technology) is a Scottish company, founded in 1998 by Derek and Ramsay Dunlop. The brothers, having spent their working lives with their family's highly respected Systemdek Turntables business prior to establishing their own company, bring audio technology experience, master craftsmanship and a high degree of musical appreciation to the loudspeaker industry.

Proprietary ART technology is of course used, but the defining mark of a superior product range is not the hyped plethora of acoustic gimmicks, but an underlying musicality in the sound: not an artificially imparted sweetness, or false coloration, just a pure recreation of the live experience in your listening room.

No matter how appealing products appear on paper, or on the Internet, within the obvious limitations of such media, a loudspeaker cannot be fully appreciated. The only way to experience the acoustic panorama the ART product range offers is in the flesh. Auditioning is absolutely essential if you are at all serious about the sensory magic these loudspeakers will portray.


While we generally have only one pair of ART Loudspeakers on demo at a time, we can quickly arrange for a demonstration of any models in their range - please get in touch. All models can be finished in Maple, Walnut, Oak, Black Oak, Ceramic and bespoke finishes, and with internal silver ribbon cabling.



Some of the loudspeakers from ART. Starting at £9,750 for the Alnico 8 Compact 2 Way Loudspeakers.



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