The Company

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Audio GE is a new speaker manufacturer from Lithuania. Managing Director and designer Gediminas Racevicius grew up surrounded by music; his father Rimvydas was a composer and pianist as well as chief sound engineer for Lithuania’s national television and radio network. As a child, Gediminas would spend many happy hours sitting on the floor of the recording studio in front of orchestras and big bands, which provided him with a unique perspective of the sounds they produced. Gediminas’ love and appreciation of music was further nurtured by weekly visits with his father to the opera or ballet.  After studying engineering and electronics at university, Gediminas began to build speakers for friends as a hobby, finally expanding this into a business with the aim of producing speakers that could faithfully reproduce the quality of sound that he heard in the studio and the theatre during his childhood. 

Audio GE's first two floor-standing speakers, the Sincerus 80 and the Rautilio 80, will soon be joined by a bookshelf model.



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