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The name of Joseph Brodmann is a driving force behind our uniqueness and our high expectation towards quality. In 18th century Vienna, he earned widespread acclaim for excellence in piano making and in furthering the development of piano soundboards. Among the friends and customers of the Brodmann house were Ludwig van Beethoven and Carl Maria von Weber.

The quality of our raw materials, the masterly workmanship, language of design, and tonal philosophy, have all grown out of a conscious loyalty to our place in time. We pride ourselves as internationally successful makers of musical instruments and speaker systems. With branches in Hong Kong and the USA, we attend to a network of more than 200 choice retailers.

Famed acoustic engineer and Brodmann speaker designer Hans Deutsch believes that "speakers need to breathe like instruments to reproduce life-like sound." 

Conventional speakers utilise filters and dampeners to correct distortion and unwanted resonance from inside and outside the cabinet. Hans Deutsch´s designs minimise distortion in the first place. He carefully developed an extremely stiff speaker cabinet with custom designed drivers to specifically preclude additional dampening. This frees the drivers to follow the electrical signal without any need for correction. Controlled, resonating, acoustic soundboards complete the equation to create three-dimensional, true-to-life sound.



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