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German company Creaktiv Systems is a manufacturer of high quality, innovative audio and storage furniture, with first class fit and finish. They have an excellent reputation in Germany and continental Europe and we are proud to be among the first to offer their products here in the UK.

Creaktiv's modular audio rack systems are constructed to a very high standard, from the Trend line of supports right up to the Bentley line of isolation equipment. They are available in a range of colours and can be upgraded with their revolutionary ci²p technology. Ci²p reduces the electromagnetic interference around your system, which has been shown to dramatically improve the performance of your components and result in a more natural relaxed sound, a reduction in colouration and more spatial holistic soundstage.

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For those seeking to take their systems to a level of performance beyond the norm then Creaktiv's reference lines are for you, from the Little reference through to the ultra high end Big Reference Plus this range is pre-fitted with ci²p technology and ranks amongst some of the best support systems available.

If you don't find the perfect rack configuration for you from these extensive ranges then please get in touch, as Creaktiv Systems also create bespoke customised solutions tailored to your individual requirements.


Available from 2016 is the stunning new, customisable Box-IT range of designer audio furniture, with a variety of contemporary looks. Some of the BoxIT range can be easily mounted on the wall and encompass discrete cable management systems ensuring a sleek look with no messy wires.

Also available are hifi cabinets, power amplifier bases, acoustic panels and accessories such as isolation feed and floor spikes.