Free Pro-Ject Phono Box MM

Get a FREE Audiophile Grade Phono Box MM (worth £60) when you buy the 1 Xpression Carbon UKX or RPM 3 Carbon Turntable from Pro-Ject Audio


Pro-Ject Phono Box MM (£60) - Audiophile Grade MM Phono Preamplifier

In the heydey of vinyl records, amplifiers and hifi systems usually came with a built-in phono preamplifier, or 'phono stage', but that's no longer the case. The Phono Box MM is a phono stage from Pro-Ject Audio that offers an audiophile music experience at an entry-level price. Advanced circuitry keeps noise and distortion to a minimum and a metal case and outboard DC power supply protect against external interference. Input and output sockets are gold-plated to preserve sound quality. 


Pro-Ject 1 Xpression Carbon UKX (£599) - Available in Black, Bordeaux Red or Midnight Blue

The Xpression Carbon's one-piece carbon fibre tonearm, which is mounted in a brand new heavy-weight assembly, effectively isolates the tonearm from the plinth, and dissipates any minor resonances in the tonearm immediately - allowing only the original music signal to be sent to your amplifier. Mounted on the tonearm is the Ortofon 2M Silver, a special version of Ortofon's world famous 2M Red cartridge, finished with silver spools for optimal signal generation.

The Xpression Carbon benefits from a new AC motor design with DC power supply. It achieves this unique combination by incorporating an AC generator on the underside of the turntable - so the DC power supply signal is changed to a clean AC supply, which allows the 9V motor to perform at its optimal level. The motor is isolated from the main plinth - to avoid resonance transference - by two rubber gromits designed and manufactured by Ortofon's expert rubber division. The motor applies rotating force to a sub-platter, which drives the acrylic platter. The use of acrylic reduces tinny frequencies and helps to better accentuate the mid-range. 

The Xpression Carbon is supplied with both a black felt and a cork mat, to tailor the sound perfectly for your ears, and your environment.

Key Features:

  • Manual turntable
  • New DC power-supply
  • Low-noise synchronous AC motor
  • Motor isolation blobs designed by Ortofon
  • Acrylic platter
  • Carbon fibre tonearm
  • Evolution-inspired tonearm support
  • Pre-fitted with an Ortofon 2M Silver
  • Gold-plated RCA phono sockets
  • Lid included


Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon (£599) - Available in Black, Red or White

The latest RPM 3 Carbon design has been upgraded to significantly reduce resonance across the turntable. While maintaining the instantly recognisable shape, this turntable boasts a brand new tonearm, bearing, and motor.

The tonearm is a carbon fibre/aluminium resin construct and result is more solid and anti-resonant arm than ever before at this price, while maintaining a light weight. The arm is finished off with a pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge and a new magnetic anti-skate mechanism. The improved counterweight also utilises TPE damping in the form of an anti-resonant ring around the fixing point.

The completely decoupled motor is based upon the same design as the Xpression Carbon, powered by an AC generator that's connected to the new DC power supply. The inverted main bearing now utilises a ceramic ball, offering a more fluid and consistent platter rotation than ever before.

Finally, the new vinyl topped sandwich platter creates the perfect surface for your vinyl to play on with no need for a mat.

Key Features:

  • Precision belt drive using synchronous motor
  • Ultra-precision DC-driven AC generator motor power
  • Inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball
  • Vinyl topped sandwich platter
  • 10” S-shaped tonearm made from carbon, aluminium, resin utilising special heat and pressure treatments
  • Magnetic anti-skating
  • Counterweight with TPE damping
  • Pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge
  • 3 high-gloss colours (black, red, white)
  • Lid available as optional extra


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