FREE VC-S Lid & Wash-IT Cleaning Fluid

Get a FREE VC-S Lid & Wash-IT Cleaning Fluid when you buy the VC-S Record Cleaning Machine from Pro-Ject Audio


VC-S Record Cleaning Machine Lid (£25) & Replacement 100ml Wash-IT Cleaning Fluid (£15) 


This high-quality perspex lid is designed to keep any unwanted dirt and dust off your Pro-Ject VC-S. This durable lid is the perfect partner to keep your VC-S in pristine condition.


This cleaning fluid is specially formulated to remove the deepest dirt from your records and keeping them clean and protected whilst also reducing static charge build-up.

Pro-Ject Audio VC-S Record Cleaning Machine (£349)

Keeping your vinyl records in pristine condition not only prolongs their life, but can also considerably extend the life of your stylus. The VC-S record cleaning machine uses a highly effective vacuuming process to get a totally clean groove for perfect music playback. The Wash-IT cleaning fluid contains an anti-static remedy and label protection is taken care of by a waterproof clamp.

Treat your records to a spa day - they're definitely worth it! 

The only way to ensure your records are in tip-top condition is to give them a wet clean with a dedicated record-cleaning machine. Such devices typically cost a small fortune, until now.

Pro-Ject’s VC-S spins your disc in both directions to ensure any cleaning fluid that’s applied is properly removed, while its high-powered vacuum dries vinyl in just two spins. Discs sound every bit as clean as they look.
AVTech - Best Hi-Fi Accessory 2016

The VC-S is a radical new development, with features new to record cleaning machines in this price range:  

  • Super powerful & cleans a record in a maximum of 2 rotations (best is 1 turn forward, 1 turn backward)  
  • Less than 2 seconds per rotation - about 3 times faster than most cleaning machines. The results is a much cleaner and 100% dry record - with NO residual humidity!  
  • New type of clamp seals the record label, protecting it from the cleaning fluid.
  • Easy to use, robust metal arm (no springs)
  • Large container (2.5L) for used fluid, and disposal is extremely easy
  • Newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate, Wash-IT, produces excellent cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record and stylus wear is significantly reduced

For more information, check out the Pro-Ject Audio website.