The Company


LampizatOr is the nickname given to Lukasz Fikus by friends, customers and followers in the DIY community who enjoyed and benefitted from his out-of-the-box solutions over the years. The word itself is a play on the Polish word for vacuum tube, "Lampa" and the pop culture icon "The Terminator". Lukasz's renowned and long-running blog has gained a degree of notoriety in the world of audio, in no small part due to his often ruthless revelations about mainstream hi-fi products and their real value.

Lukasz has shared his findings with the world and run excellent tutorials for those with the will to expand their awareness and the courage to pick up their soldering irons and put into action his DIY audiophile improvements to run-of-the-mill hi-fi products.


LampizatOr represents the finest values in high-end audio. They have provided custom, handmade vacuum tube solutions to audiophiles and music lovers across the planet while enjoying near universal praise from their clients.

Nothing they make is mass-produced and no product is off-the-shelf. Every job is a custom job and they pride themselves on their ability to meet the specific needs of customers seeking supremely natural musical reproduction. 

LampizatOr's range includes DACs, amplifiers, loudspeakers, music servers, cables and mains filters.



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