The Company


Established in 1994, British company Sonneteer was conceived in the '80's, in an age when High Fidelity separates components were considered the epitome of audio reproduction equipment for the home. From the very first outing of the first prototype amplifier which was to become the Campion integrated amplifier, Sonneteer have proven that they are the epitome of a manufacturer of the ilk.

As electronics students Sonneteer founders Haider Bahrani and Remo Casadei, not content with some of the sound equipment they had to hand, modified it and often built their own. In his final year, Haider designed a hi-fi amplifier. Other than the requirements of his degree, he also wanted a good amplifier to monitor his personal music recording. Remo, a true hi-fi enthusiast, had other ideas. So taken with the original design was he that he 'borrowed' said amplifier to show off to a few hi-fi aficionado and dealer friends. They loved it and Remo, a highly skilled product engineer, was soon cooking up a production version of this amplifier - the Campion.

All Sonneteer products are assembled by hand with one person taking responsibility for each unit made. Not one single Sonneteer music playing product leaves the workshop without being listened to by either Haider or Remo. It is said that they can tell if an Alabaster has a wrong component in it simply by listening to the first note of a melody played through it.

Their range includes amplifiers, phono stages, CD players and music centres.



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