Audio Note offer a large range of speakers to suit every setting and a wide variety of budgets.

The design their loudspeakers to imitate real musical instruments: every aspect of the cabinet, drivers and crossover are carefully matched in much the same manner that the maker of violins crafts a fine musical instrument.

Audio Note’s speaker models are also designed for real room conditions, rather than the more commonly used anachoic close field conditions, and are therefore capable of serious in-room bass performance without the boom and room resonance normally encountered with wide-band speakers.

Regardless of model, each of Audio Note’s loudspeaker pairs are very closely matched to within 0.2 dB of each other over the full bandwidth, under dynamic conditions using a unique method of testing developed in-house. Each speaker’s crossover is adjusted to resemble a ‘master’ speaker’s curve as closely as possible.

The pedestrian appearance of these speaker is well calculated. The front baffle dimensions and depth of cabinet are integral parts of the characteristics pioneered by Peter Snell in the 1070s. Speakers with narrow baffles demonstrate a nasal and thin quality in the critical vocal region and produce image placement that is not realistic or natural.