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Black Rhodium is an award-winning British cable company based in Derby and specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of mid to high-end Audio and Visual cables. Their range includes a significant proportion of bespoke products. It was formed in 2002 by Graham Nalty as a continuation of his many years of experience in the Hifi industry. 

The ethos of Black Rhodium is to use materials of the highest quality. They are one of a select few which use Silicone Rubber insulation for both external and internal insulations, which brings substantial benefits to the clarity and timing of your music, as well as offering superior advantages when dealing with vibration effects. Black Rhodium are also one of few pioneering cable manufacturers to employ Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) processing to their higher end cables.

A full range of cables is available from Audio-philia, including speaker cables, RCA phono interconnects, balanced XLR interconnects, mains power cables, tone arm cables, HDMI and various digital interconnects.


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