ART DRAM Loudspeakers & DRAM Reference Cables Event - Saturday 27th October

DRAMS & Drams @ Audio-philia


Join us on Saturday 27th October for an afternoon of DRAMs & Drams! Meet Derek and Ramsay Dunlop, the Scottish brothers behind Troon-based ART Loudspeakers and DRAM Reference Cables, as well as the family business founded over 30 years ago, Systemdek Turntables.

We’ll be showcasing these 3 speaker models, as well as their DRAM reference cables and a Systemdek turntable:


    The 'FIFTEEN' Loudspeakers from ART Loudspeakers is a large sized 3-way design that incorporates ART’s in-house and unique multi-layered cabinet construction.

    35mm thick walls provide an extremely strong, stiff and inert enclosure. An internal enclosure is also employed to isolate any unwanted intrusions to the all critical midrange performance.

    Two versions are available: the Alnico Tweeter or Diamond tweeter, together with DRAM copper or DRAM Silver wire options.


    As with the other DRAM models, the 'EIGHT' is a beautifully simple loudspeaker that will suit many musical fans. It's cabinet also utilises ART’s new multi-layered construction, with a choice of two different levels of tweeter,  internal wire and components.

    The 'EIGHT' has its Bass port firing down towards the integral stand allowing great flexibility in positioning of the speaker.


DRAM cabinets are available in a high gloss polyester Lacquer in any RAL colour or any automotive finish.


    Is the new entry-level speaker from ART, starting at £3,500 and available in oak or walnut real wood veneer. More details coming soon… join us at the event to hear them for yourselves!


  • LampizatOr PACIFIC DAC

    Also part of the demo will be the Pacific DAC, the latest flagship DAC from LampizatOr. LampizatOr’s research and development lab, following their obsession for great sound, spent 10 years refining this product- on average prototyping one new DAC per week! Designed to be near-invisible - with no sonic signature and, in its gold finish, reflecting the room around it - it doesn’t come between you and the music.



ART Loudspeakers is a Scottish company founded in 1998 by Derek and Ramsay Dunlop. Having spent their early careers working with their family's highly respected Systemdek Turntables business, the brothers brought their audio technology experience, master craftsmanship and a high degree of musical appreciation to the loudspeaker industry.

ART Loudspeakers are celebrating 20 years in the loudspeaker industry with several new models, including the Stiletto 6 Version 1, to be showcased at this event.


Loudspeaker research and design is, of course, a constant journey and along the way the Dunlop brothers have also developed their own reference cables line under the DRAM company name - ‘DRAM’ being an amalgamation of the names of its two creators, Derek & Ramsay.

DRAM's Reference Speaker cables, Reference Interconnects and Reference Power cords are available in full reference or half reference versions - with the half reference versions using half the silver of the full reference versions.


The late Peter Dunlop created the very first Systemdek Turntable over 30 years ago. From the first day of launch, it caused quite a stir among the press with it's numerous innovations. Not surprisingly, it took very little time before people realized just how comfortably it outperformed the competition.

Now Systemdek is back and looks set to repeat history all over again with 3 new turntables whose performance, aesthetics and engineering push the very limits of what is achievable today.


See you then for an afternoon of artisan audio and perhaps a dram or two. Free to bring your favourite tunes in whichever format you prefer. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with with our Facebook Event.