German Physiks Event - Saturday 23rd September

Join us on Saturday 23rd September ...

... when, for one day only, we'll be showcasing the multi-award winning HRS-130 and Unlimited speakers from specialist omnidirectional loudspeaker maker, German Physiks. We're delighted that Robert Kelly from the company will be with us on the day.

To make the most of this opportunity, please contact us to reserve a time slot.

Unlimited Loudspeaker

The Unlimited loudspeaker offers the famous German Physiks trademark dynamics, transparency and musicality, but at a new lower price point.

The most important objective for this design was that the lower price would be reached without compromising sound quality and musicality: this was achieved with a simpler cabinet design and a reduced number of finish options, whilst still using the same driver design as their top of the line Gaudi, which retails for over $300,000 a pair.

Unlimited Loudspeakers from £11,700/pair

The Revolutionary DDD Driver

The key to the exceptional performance produced by all German Physiks loudspeakers is their unique DDD driver. At first glance it looks like a conventional pistonic cone driver but the shape is where the similarity ends. It is a wide bandwidth, omnidirectional driver and was inspired by Lincoln Walsh’s “Walsh Driver”, used in the classic Ohm F loudspeakers.

What makes the DDD truly revolutionary?

HRS-130 Loudspeaker

The HRS-130 loudspeaker is an improved version of the popular HRS-120. Not only have significant improvements been made to the sound quality with a new crossover and 10-inch bass driver, but the cabinet has been restyled to give a smoother look, enabling it to blend more easily in to the room. This improved look is further enhanced by the addition of a new, luxurious high-polish polyester finish, available in black or white. 

From £12,950/pair

No wonder theGerman Physiks HRS-130 is currently my favorite speaker under $25k.
— The Absolute Sound, Sept 2017

We hope to see you on Saturday 23rd September - don't forget to contact us to reserve your time slot!


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