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Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems is an innovative range of micro hi-fi electronics. Producing small and affordable amplifiers, CD Players, speakers, DACs and various other components has never been hard, but making them sound great has. Now, not only does a Box Design system cost less than traditional hi-fi equipment and fit within any room of your house, it also sounds first-class. 

Box Design regards itself as the ‘next generation of HiFi’ – the link between the micro-sized hardware of the IT world and the big boxes of the audiophile world. All products, except Box Design speakers and headphones, are designed and produced in Europe, assembled at a specialised manufacturing plant, commissioned specially by Pro-Ject.

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(Head Box DS headphone pre-amp) -
I made comparisons using the headphone sockets of a good half dozen such amplifiers, ranging in price from £199 to over £1000, and in every case the sound was bettered by that from the Pro-Ject on a number of counts. Principally, the sounds it made simply flowed more naturally.”
— HiFi Critic
(Tube Box DS phono pre-amp) Overall, here’s an excellent product at the price, one that gives a taste of tubes without the noise and input gain issues – while retaining the low noise of solid-state.
— Hi-Fi Choice

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