The Company


DRAM is amalgamation of its two creators and Scottish brothers - Derek & Ramsay Dunlop. They are best known for their work in the family business, SystemDek, which for over three decades earned an enviable international reputation for its specialist turntables.

The brothers then went on in 1998 to create ART (Acoustic Reproduction Technology) Loudspeakers, which builds some of the world's finest loudspeakers. Loudspeaker research and design is of course a constant journey, and one of the many discoveries made along the way was that of a ‘very special’ cable that simply brought loudspeakers ‘to life’.

DRAM's Reference Speaker cables, Reference Interconnects and Reference Power cords are available in full reference or half reference versions. The half reference cables use half the silver of the full reference versions, and can be upgraded to full reference at a later date.

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