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Ecosse Cables award-winning products are handcrafted in their Scottish factory by highly skilled technicians with decades of experience in cable termination between them. Their cables are painstakingly researched and developed, then hyper evaluated to destruction on the very best 2-channel music system.

In terms of price versus performance, musicality and fidelity, Ecosse Cables offer outstanding value.

Their range includes analogue and digital interconnects, speaker cables, power chords and AV/HDMI cables.


[The SMS2.4 Loudspeaker Cable] can be regarded as excellent value for high-end systems, tis performance sufficiently transparent to do justice to the very best components.
HiFi News - Editor's Choice
[Master Reference Interconnects] There are no nasty brightness or brashness, no dull spots or drab midrange moments. This is how a good cable should behave and so few do.
HiFi+ - Highly Recommended, 2017
[The MS2.3 is] great performer that stamps its authority on the music.
HiFi Choice - Group Test Winner 2018

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