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British company Exposure has been perfecting the art of creating real hi-fi for real music lovers since 1974. 

What do we mean by ‘real’? Remember the days when things were designed by skilled engineers, perfected over time and built to last? When products were expected to concentrate on doing what they did exceptionally well without fail, rather than getting bogged down with the latest gadgets and gizmos? That’s what we mean by real hi-fi.

Click for MCX Series Brochure

Click for MCX Series Brochure

Click for 1010, 2010S2 & 3010S2 Series Brochure

Click for 1010, 2010S2 & 3010S2 Series Brochure

As for real music lovers, no need to explain. You know who you are. You also probably know what you want. A system that brings your beloved music collection to life, not one that looks flash at cocktail parties or requires a second mortgage. It might take a little stretch, but it won’t break the bank. It also won’t require several rocket scientists to set up and maintain.

What it will do, is to give you real music. Hair-raising and spine-tingling listening experiences. Exposure Hi-fi is renowned for its ‘rightness’ of sound. There is delicacy in the upper ranges and openness in the mid-range, underpinned by deep yet agile bass that dances along. To put it another way, our design philosophy is to make hi-fi that gets on with the task of authentically reproducing any and every kind of music, while the equipment itself hides in the background. Which is smart thinking, since real music lovers prefer to listen to their music rather than the hi-fi.   

On the outside, our products are simple, clean and elegant. Robustly built, they offer friendly features and clear controls. We think that the best place for all the complex engineering is on the inside, where decades of research and development go into producing that renowned musical performance. 


Some of the Exposure range:

MCX Series - CD Player £4,500, Pre-Amplifier £4,500,
Power Amplifier £10,000 (pair)

XM3 Phono Amplifier - £660

1010 Integrated Amplifier - £525

2010S2 DSD DAC - £960

3010S2-D Pre-Amplifier - £1,120

XM5 Integrated Amplifier - £1,236


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