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Polish company Fezz Audio specializes in vacuum tube amplifiers. The company's founders also run Toroidy, a highly respected, family run business that for over 20 years has been supplying mains transformers to a host of well-known audio companies including Mytek, Lampizator, Amare Musica, Audio Valve, Ancient Audio, WILE and Baltlab.

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A few years ago, Toroidy developed a unique toroidal core and winding technology, which allowed them to produce output transformers for virtually any type of vacuum tube. The results were so impressive that they decided to design and build a proof-of-concept SE amp, named the Laura, which went on to be a massive success at the Warsaw Audio show, with all of the first 16 units selling out immediately after the show. Toroidy then decided to create a new commercial brand, positioned at an affordable price, and Fezz Audio and the Silver Luna amplifier were born.



Silver Luna Prestige Tube Amp - £1,600

Titania Tube Amplifier - £2000

Mira Ceti SE-Tube Amplifier


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