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German Physiks are a German company specialising in omnidirectional speakers. The development of the company and their unique technology began back in 1978, with the first speaker bearing the German Physiks brand name, the Borderland, being released in 1992. To this day all design and manufacturing is done in Germany to ensure consistently excellent quality levels.



The Revolutionary DDD Driver

The key to the exceptional performance produced by all German Physiks loudspeakers is their unique driver. At first glance it looks like a conventional pistonic cone driver but the shape is where the similarity ends. Designed by Peter Dicks, the Dicks Dipole Driver (DDD) is a wide bandwidth, omnidirectional driver inspired by Lincoln Walsh’s “Walsh Driver”, used in the classic Ohm F loudspeakers. 

Find out what makes the DDD driver revolutionary on the German Physiks website and view Robert Kelly's introduction in this video:

Surprisingly robust (don’t try this at home)

While it is not recommended that customers try it themselves in case they go too far, the video above shows how robust the DDD drivers is. This resistance to abuse is useful if the loudspeaker is to be used in a household with small children, or people who dust everything! Drivers made from brittle materials such as ceramics, diamond or beryllium are far more susceptible to damage.

German Physiks Emperor Electronics

German Physiks has recently developed its first range of electronics, comprised of an integrated amplifier, pre-amplifier, stereo power amplifier, monaural power amplifier and electronic crossover. The Emperor range has been designed to take advantage of the speed, transparency and musicality that German Physiks loudspeakers offer, and also offer excellent performance with other makers’ loudspeakers.


A few of the products in the German Physiks loudspeaker range:

Introduction to the HRS-130 Loudspeakers

Intro to German Physiks HRS-130, by Audio-philia

German Physiks HRS-130 speakers at Audio-philia, Edinburgh

HRS-130 - Carbon Fibre DDD Driver

HRS-130 Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

HRS-130 - Downward Driving Woofer

German Physiks Reviews

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