Audio Note AN-4242E (211) Valves (pair)

Audio Note AN-4242E (211) Valves (pair)


Pair of Molybdenum Anode 211s

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Developed in partnership with Psvane, and built exclusively for Audio Note (UK) to their design and specifications, these valves are available only from authorised distributors and dealers, such as Audio-philia. Thoroughly recommended for use with all Audio Note 211 amplifiers, regardless of age or generation.

Featuring solid plate construction and molybdenum anodes they are available as matched pairs or matched quads. If you order 8 tubes, we will supply you with 2 matched quads, as close as possible to each other.

3 month warranty from shipment date.

Audio Note knows why Molybdenum sounds better, it is the same reason that silver sounds better and it has taken years of AN’s research into molecular and crystaline structures in many different metals to gain a deeper understanding of this. It’s what they live for over there. They do the work, we reap the benefits.”

”So, if you have an amplifier of any make that uses a 211 radio transmitting tube or a 300B type tube (valve), contact your Audio Note UK dealer and grab these. They are NOT expensive, they sound amazing and they won’t blow up.
— Steve Hoffman, 2018

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