AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp



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DragonFly Red is a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed to deliver cleaner, clearer, more naturally beautiful sound from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. DragonFly Red’s unique design allows for playback of any file type regardless of resolution. Natively, DragonFly Red is capable of decoding 24-bit/96kHz data.

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  • USB Stick-Sized Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Plays all music files: MP3 to high-res
  • Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices (requires Apple Camera Adapter or Made for Android/OTG adaptor)
  • Drives headphones directly
  • Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver
  • Asynchronous transfer ensures digital timing integrity
  • High output (2.1 volts) drives almost all headphones, including power-hungry models
  • 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC with minimum-phase filter
  • Bit-perfect digital volume control
  • Apple OS X®, Apple iOS®, Microsoft Windows® (7, 8.1, 10), Android™
Unequivocally recommended
— Computer Audiophile
It’s a near-flawless option for anyone looking to give their computer music a hi-fi boost.
— What Hi*Fi

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