Meze Empyrean Planar Magnetic Headphones

Meze Empyrean Planar Magnetic Headphones


The World’s First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

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  • Planar Magnetic Headphones

  • First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

  • Dual Driven System

  • Open-back Circumaural Headphones

  • Ultra High-Resolution Audio

  • Ultra Efficient

  • Lightweight & Supremely Comfortable

  • Hand Assembled & Fully Serviceable


  • Case: High-strength aluminium suitcase with foam inserts

  • Two sets of earpads included: one real leather, one Alcantara

  • One Cable: 3.0m OFC cable, 4pin mini XLR plugs ending with 6.3mm jack connector

    OR 1.2m OFC cable, 4pin mini XLR plugs ending with 3.5mm jack connector

Empyrean open-back, circumaural headphones

Empyrean is the product of two passionate companies coming together to explore what is possible beyond their individual capabilities. The result is a no-compromise headphone embodying Meze’s daring aesthetic and user-centered design approach and Rinaro’s experience in research and development within the field of planar magnetics.

Empyrean was born from passion, curiosity and innovation. As a business, we have allowed ourselves the freedom to experiment and take risks in search of the perfect sound. To generate something truly remarkable, one must dare to explore, and that’s what we did with Empyrean. We pushed and refined industry’ standards and achieved a true game changer for audiophiles.
— Antonio Meze, Lead designer and Founder of Meze Audio

Featuring a special combination of neodymium magnets and two unique voice coil designs, the Empyrean can deliver highly dynamic audio with incredible precision and detail. The utilisation of two separate voice coil designs allows the headphones to present more selective acoustic presentation than other planar magnetic designs with increased sound wave exposure.

Meze’s specially developed ‘isomagnetic’ ear cups harness the demagnetising field from each driver to stay in-place, while also deflecting stray fields away from the head and redirecting correct fields back to the driver to improve efficiency during performance.

Empyrean’s headband has also been designed from the ground up, and features unique suspension wings to aid pressure distribution, increase surface area contact and offer a truly comfortable listening experience for longer periods of time.

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Watch some of the (20 hr long!) CNC aluminium cutting process

Lightweight Carbon / Aluminium Skeleton

Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver

Combines two independently shaped voice coils within the same diaphragm delivering more selective acoustic performance to the various areas within the structure of the ear.

  • Patent Pending Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver
    World's first in planar magnetic headphones

  • Accurate Reproduction
    Total harmonic distortion (THD) measures under 0.1% in the whole frequency range

  • Ergonomic Shape
    Ergonomically shaped driver structure with an increased active area

  • Lightweight
    Reduced driver weight designed to create a headphone that offers prolonged listening sessions

  • Ultra-high Resolution Audio
    Upper-frequency limit of audio reproduction is 110,000 Hz

  • Ultra Efficient 
    100db@1mw/1kHz High performance without needing amplification

Dual Driven System

The Empyrean Driver combines individual switchback and spiral-shaped voice coils, their unique shapes allowing sound to be targeted with more accuracy around the natural form of the ear. This unique combination generates an increased exposure of direct sound wave frequencies over the 10kHz range and improves imaging and localisation by decreasing the impact of shortwave time delays caused by diffused field reflections.


Pressure Distribution Wings for Supreme Comfort


Hand Assembled and Fully Serviceable

Each headphone is carefully hand-assembled in Meze’s facilities in Baia Mare, Romania. A core belief of Meze is to create products that last. The Empyrean is no different: from the replaceable earpads to the high-performance materials used, every part on the headphone chassis is available to be disassembled and serviced by Meze’s skilled team.


Driver Type Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array
Operating Principle Open
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Frequency response 4 - 110,000 Hz
Impedance 31.6 Ohm
Nominal SPL 100 dB (1 mW/1kHz)
Maximum SPL >130 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.1%
Weight ~430g
Geometric Shape Ovoid
Size 102 mm x 73 mm
Weight 82g
Casing Fibreglass infused ABS
Type Rinaro ISOPLANAR®
Active area 4650 mm²
Weight 0.16g
Acoustic Mass 107 kg/m4
Lower frequency limit 4Hz
Upper frequency limit 110.000Hz
Type Isodynamic
Size 75mm x 49mm
Magnetic Flux 0.35T


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