Micromega MyGROOV High-End Phono Preamplifier

Micromega MyGROOV High-End Phono Preamplifier


MM and MC switchable phono stage.

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Micromega present their very first MC/MM phono preamplifier. MyGroov is a high quality preamp for record decks designed to increase voltage from vinyl playback whilst equalising the RIAA signal.

Like other 'My' range products, Micromega's ultra-fast power supply – with no electrolytic capacitor in the signal path – minimises operational noise and allows for the hidden vinyl subtleties to shine through.

Whilst record turntables usually come with a moving magnet (or MM) cartridge, moving coil (MC) cartridges often produce better quality sound. For more info, check the specification of your turntable or cartridge.

Note: always ensure MyGroov is connected to an amplifier's terminal 'line level' input rather than to an amplifiers phono terminal.

Main Features

  • MC/MM phono preamplifier for record decks

  • Ultra fast power-supply

  • No electolytic capacitor in signal path

  • Crystal clear delivery, low distortion and low noise

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