Questyle CMA400i Headphone Amp & DAC

Questyle CMA400i Headphone Amp & DAC


Balanced Headphone Amp and DAC

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Entry-level, fully featured all-in-one device

The CMA400i is the most affordable of Questyle Audio's hybrid  DAC and Headphone Amplifier series to date. Complete with Questyle's patented 'Current Mode Amplification' and 'True DSD' technologies, and an AKM AK4490 DAC chip, the CMA400i achieves an impressively low 0.0006% distortion and impressively wide bandwidth of up to DC-600kHz(+0,-3dB), and processes all DSD signals with no PCM conversion.

True DSD Processor


CMA400i is designed with Questyle patented True DSD technology and AKM AK4490 DAC chip. Unlike other DACs that claim DSD support when in reality providing DoP (DSD over PCM), the Questyle CMA400i accepts the DSD bit-stream directly, bypassing your computer's audio processing and digital volume control, as well as the CMA600i's digital filters, to provide True DSD, with no PCM conversion.

The Questyle Audio CMA400i achieves this without requiring expensive, difficult to install, proprietary connectors. Neither does it require, as is the case with DoP, breaking up the bit-stream into 16bit packets, compressing them into a PCM data-stream then uncompressing and buffering them at the other end, and reassembling the bit-stream so that it may be sent to the DAC as DSD. A huge amount of processing is required at both ends in order to perform this in real-time - which invariably leads to latency, data loss, etc, and a 33% increase in bandwidth requirements for the USB ports and cabling.

Current Mode Amplification

Current Mode Amplification is a state-of-the-art technology patented by Questyle Audio, featuring a fully discrete, topological structure that can achieve incredibly high sound performance as well as ultra-low distortion levels and ultra-wide bandwidth.

In current mode amplification, the signal is amplified by modulating current rather than voltage. This is widely applied in the high-speed communication and video processing industries, but Questyle Audio have patented their own application of the technology for headphone amplifiers.

Fully-balanced Amplification

The CMA400i can drive headphones in full-balanced mode as it features four groups of pure Class A amplification circuits, and supports a 4-PIN balanced XLR output, a 2.5mm balanced headphone jack and a 6.35mm standard headphone jack. In addition, the new Gain Control switch at the bottom of the chassis gives the CMA400i perfect driving power for different headphones.

Match the CMA400i with Traditional Digital Sources and Active Speakers

The performance of a traditional Hi-Fi system can be much improved by the CMA400i because of its completely separate DAC with optical and coaxial interfaces. Another distinctive feature of the CMA400i is switching between "Headphone Amplifier" and "Pre-amplifier" via the "Function" switch on the front panel. In DAC mode, the CMA400i supports RCA and XLR pre-amp outputs which can be selected by the ADJ/FIX switch on the rear panel.

High-Resolution Audio from your PC

When connected to a computer, the CMA400i by-passes the PC's DAC and produces world-class sound quality, whether the audio is from a song, a film or a game.

Build Quality & Design

The Questyle Audio CMA400i’s sandblasted, aircraft-grace aluminium chassis is produced by Foxconn, using precise CNC tooling machines. The upper cover and bottom chassis “mutual bit” structural design, ensures that the CMA400i remains at a stable temperature for extensive periods, as well as providing excellent control of sympathetic vibration and shielding from RFI/EMI radiation.

It can be placed upright with a specially designed stand, which is as eye-catching as it is space-saving.


Whole Device

Finish  Black
Chassis Materials  special CNC tooled Aluminum
Dimension  279mm[W]×189mm[D]×55mm[H]

Working Status  Pure Class A
Voltage  100-120V or 220-230V, switchable
Power Consumption   17W

Pre-amplifier and DAC Section

THD+N  RCA:< 0.0009%; XLR:< 0.0009%
SNR  RCA: >110dB; XLR: >113dB (non-weighting)
USB Type B Input   44.1K-384K/16-32Bit PCM and DSD native, DSD64 / 128 / 256
Digital Interface   SPDIF input and output, OPT input;  Support 44.1K-192K / 24Bit PCM

Headphone Amplifier Section

Output Interface  
A 6.35mm standard headphone jack; 
A 4-PIN full-balanced headphone jack; 
A 2.5mm full-balanced headphone jack
Max Output Power (Po) 
106mW@300Ω; 980mW@32Ω (normal headphone jack) 
418mW@300Ω; 3920mW@32Ω (balanced headphone jack)
THD+N   0.0013%@1kHz, Po=100mW, 300Ω;  0.0016%@1kHz, Po=50mW, 32Ω
Frequency Response   DC-100kHz (+0, -0.7dB); DC-600kHz (+0, -3dB)

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