Questyle CMA400i Headphone Amp & DAC

Questyle CMA400i Headphone Amp & DAC



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The CMA400i delivers superb sound and competes with headphone amps well above its price point.”

”This versatile preamp with DAC and headphone amplifier offers the best of all worlds.
— Hi-Fi Choice - 4.5/5 - Recommended - 2017

Questyle's CMA400i is a hybrid digital-analogue converter and headphone amplifier rolled into one. It is the most affordable of the CMA 'Current Mode Amplifier' series to-date. Complete with Questyle's patented 'True DSD' technology and AKM AK4490 DAC chip, the CMA400i has the capability to process all DSD signals without any PCM conversion.


Whole Device

Finish  Black
Chassis Materials  special CNC tooled Aluminum
Dimension  279mm[W]×189mm[D]×55mm[H]

Working Status  Pure Class A
Voltage  100-120V or 220-230V, switchable
Power Consumption   17W

Pre-amplifier and DAC Section

THD+N  RCA:< 0.0009%; XLR:< 0.0009%
SNR  RCA: >110dB; XLR: >113dB (non-weighting)
USB Type B Input   44.1K-384K/16-32Bit PCM and DSD native, DSD64 / 128 / 256
Digital Interface   SPDIF input and output, OPT input;  Support 44.1K-192K / 24Bit PCM

Headphone Amplifier Section

Output Interface  
A 6.35mm standard headphone jack; 
A 4-PIN full-balanced headphone jack; 
A 2.5mm full-balanced headphone jack
Max Output Power (Po) 
106mW@300Ω; 980mW@32Ω (normal headphone jack) 
418mW@300Ω; 3920mW@32Ω (balanced headphone jack)
THD+N   0.0013%@1kHz, Po=100mW, 300Ω;  0.0016%@1kHz, Po=50mW, 32Ω
Frequency Response   DC-100kHz (+0, -0.7dB); DC-600kHz (+0, -3dB)

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