The Company


KR Audio is one of the world's leading producers of high performance power tubes and high-end amplifiers. All products are hand-crafted including their hand-blown glass vacuum tubes. KR's uniquely high quality is a result of their artisan work in metal and glass blowing, chemical and electrical designs, high vacuum machines and their refusal to use automation to make their tubes.

Based in Prague, KR Audio started out as a tube manufacturer, first with the historic Marconi valve company, then becoming a manufacturer of OEM tubes for high-end audio amplifiers in 1994. At present they design and build 15 different tube amplifier models for all tastes, including two completely solid state designs. KR continues to manufacture tubes and is the inventor of the huge KR T-1610, used on the magnificent 'Kronzilla' DM monoblock amplifiers, which until recently was the largest and most powerful audio tube ever made.

Photos & Videos

KR Audio Kronzilla VA680 Power Amplifier

KR Audio P-135 Preamplifier

An old "How It's Made" showing the manufacture of KR Audio vacuum tubes.

KR Audio PX4 tubes on the LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC


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