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Danish Company Lyngdorf Audio was founded to protect, preserve, and replay pure sound. All Lyngdorf Audio products exist for one purpose: to provide sound systems that render audio exactly as the musician and sound engineer intended, with nothing added or taken away through the process of recording and replay.

Lyngdorf's R&D department spearheads advances in the sound industry, and always will. They offered room correction (ROOMPERFECT™) and 100% digital processing before it was a widely recognised alternative to pure analogue products. They develop technologies that go beyond the ordinary, prove they can work and implement them purposefully. It’s that simple. Applying digital technology to amplification and room correction has changed the face of the audio world and Lyngdorf Audio were the first to develop these technologies.

Today, Lyngdorf Audio components are recognised worldwide as some of the best high-performance digital audio products available.

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Some of the Lyngdorf Audio products and technologies (click to enlarge):

MH-2 Satellite Speaker, available in Gloss Black or Matt White, stand, furniture or wall mounted

TDAI-2170 Integrated Amp & CD-2 CD Player

Immersive Surround Sound

MH-2 Satellite Speaker and BW-2 Reference Subwoofer, both available in Gloss Black or Matt White,

MP-50 Surround Sound Processor & Media Player


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