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'Nova' is taken from the name of the cutting-edge Korean manufacturer of these products, NOVATRON, and 'Fidelity' signifies the brand's commitment to sound quality.

NOVAFiDELITY's X-Series of network streamers/music servers/CD rippers are some of the most feature-rich music servers in the world, true all-rounders, and offer superb value for money. 

The NOVAFiDELITY product line continued to grow in 2018 with several new models:

  • All-in-one Music Server with DAC & Amplifier(s): X14 and X35

  • All-in-one Music Server with Reference DAC: X45 and X45Pro

  • Pure Digital Music Server: X50D and X50Pro

  • Network Adapter and USB DAC: N15D

A note on the NOVAFiDELITY and Cocktail Audio brands: Korean manufacturer Novatron's X-series is branded as NovaFidelity in the UK and as Cocktail Audio in the rest of the world. Cocktail Audio UK, historically associated with Novatron but now a separate company, has developed a separate product line over the past several years.


Hi-res audio, MQA, DXD, DSD, USB Optical Disk Driver, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, M3U, PLS, PCM, ALAC, AIFF, AIF, APE/CUE, HD FLAC, HD Wav


Control via iOS/Android app, or PC Web Interface

HDMI port for connecting to external screen

HDMI port for connecting to external screen



A CD player that can do it all. That’s the perfect way to describe the brand new Cocktail Audio [NOVAFiDELITY] X35.

The outstanding thing about the X35 is the price / performance ratio. No other manufacturer offers so much power and so many features for so little money.
— Stereoplay - 2017 Highlight
The X45 is a very interesting combination of server / streamer and preamp. As with other models of CocktailAudio impressed the enormous variety of functions up to the phono input with recording capability. Add to this the almost complete format support and - thanks to excellent D/A converters - outstanding sound quality.
— Stereoplay - 2018 Highlight
The Cocktail Audio X45Pro music server offers a tremendously impressive sound experience, coupled with unbelievable features. It’s nice that not only ultramodern sources come into play, but also older ones such as phono or other analog sources...
— audio,de, 2018
X50D: Net Audio

X50D: Net Audio

N15: It is a high res streamer, a DLNA renderer AND server, a Roon Endpoint, decodes MQA, receives Bluetooth and Airplay, supports Tidal, Deezer, Qobus and Spotify. It can be fitted with an internal 2.5 inch harddisk or SSD and then can function as a NAS, UPnP server, FTP server and DLNA server as well. It’s even a digital recorder. And if you think that’s great, wait till you hear the price...
— Hans Beekhuyzen Channel