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The Optoma NuForce sound range is designed for people that care about audio. They are built from premium quality components to deliver sleek design and exceptional sound.

NuForce electronics represent an ideal solution for music lovers looking to take the first step onto the high-end ladder. They make simple, neat and high-performing products at appealing prices.

The NuForce range caters for many solutions, from the all-in-one bluetooth streaming, integrated DDA120 amplifier with DAC, to the WDC200 wireless DAC/Pre-amp and stunning STA200 power amplifier (co-designed by Goldmund), to the truly flexible HA200 for headphone lovers.


Some of the NuForce range:

uDAC3 Mobile DAC - £99

uDAC5 Mobile DAC - £199

HA200 Headphone Amp - £299

STA120 Class D Amplifier - £499

DAC 80 D/A Converter - £499

DAC 80 D/A Converter - £499

WDC200 Wireless DAC - £329

BTR1 Bluetooth Dongle - £49

BTR100 Bluetooth Hub Receiver - £69


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