Audio Note UK Kegon Balanced Mono Block Amps (Ex-Demo)

Audio Note UK Kegon Balanced Mono Block Amps (Ex-Demo)

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Audio Note UK Kegon Balanced Mono Block Amplifiers, in excellent conditions; outstanding build quality, full silver components used throughout.

A 300B tour-de-force, Level Five, 22 watt Class A parallel single-ended no feedback mono triode amplifiers that are an absolute delight; phenomenal resolution and timbre are just the tip of the iceberg.

Please note that these will only accept a balanced input, below a link to the original page where more information is available:

Full 2 years warranty on all parts, 1 year on valves.

Call the store or drop in for an ex-demo price. 0131 221 9753

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Type: Directly heated parallel single-ended 300B triode monoblock amplifiers
Output: 22 watts per channel
Tube compliment: 4 x WE300B, 2 x NOS VT-25/10Y, 2 x NOS 5U4G
Input impedance: 600Ω
Input transformer: 1:3
Output transformer: Double C-core 50% Nickel, all AN silver wire
Dimensions: 8.7 H x 18 W x 21 D (inch)
Weight: 35.25lb each