Audionet AMP monoblock power amplifiers

Audionet AMP monoblock power amplifiers


As New.

Audionet AMP monoblock power amplifiers, brushed black fascias with blue displays in as new condition; just opened for a photo shoot and completely immaculate.

A tour-de-force that combines power, resolution, finesse and bomb proof build quality all into one package.

(RRP £11,000)

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Blockbusters for Demanding Listeners

The new Audionet AMP high performance power amplifiers are true mono-blocks that combine remarkable sound potential with high-end technical possibilities. A pair of blockbusters for real connoisseurs.

Air plays a key role in regard to our AMP mono-blocks. For one thing, the pair needs some air around them in order to permit the diffusion of the heat either block generates. And for another, air is part of the sound experience they offer: every fragment of a beat, every acoustic detail is offered to the listener in transparent spatiality, as if encapsulated in the purest air. Weighing in at 22 kilograms, the two mono outputs deliver a maximum of airiness and vivid rendition, and may well bring tears of joy to the eyes of more sensitive listeners. The AMPs play with fascinating ease, impressing us with acoustic permeability, tonal accuracy and striking macro- and micro-dynamical precision. The musical reproduction is transparent, airy and colourful, but remains agreeably relaxed at the same time.