Egg-Shell Prestige 10 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Egg-Shell Prestige 10 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier


Ex-demo, excellent condition.

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Ex-demo, excellent condition.

Available to buy on our Ebay shop.

Encore 7 Egg-Shell Prestige 10 Integrated Valve Amp in Walnut/Cream.

Encore Seven are the creators of the Egg-Shell brand and have been specialists in stereo high fidelity vacuum tube amplifiers since the mid-90s.

Vacuum tube integrated stereo amplifier with the power 10W per channel. Single-Ended, A-Class, triode-type with power tubes EL34 and with tube power supply system.

Excellent detail separation with wide soundstage. Belonging to the Prestige series this unit comes in the Woodwind casing. It is fully hand-crafted, carefully finished product. Point-to-point assembly, with no printed circuit boards (except the remote control module). Designed for small and medium rooms. The best results in a set with high sensitivity speakers.



  • Class A, single-ended Amplifier

  • Power output: 10W / channel

  • Power tubes: 1 x KT88 / channel

  • Preamplifier tubes: 1 x 6SN7 / channel

  • Tube power supply system

  • Automatic soft start system to extend the lifetime of the tubes

Remote Control

Highly innovative remote control, with unique design and principle of operation brings new concepts in the world of audio gear. Made of wood and metal, without any moving parts. To adjust volume all you need is turn the ball-shaped body of the remote control left or right. When turned around, battery indicator become active and clearly indicate the level of battery charge. The charge input and the remote control ON/OFF switch may also be found at the bottom. Thanks to this we could keep the shape of the device simple and intriguing – at a first glance it is just a smooth, perfectly round, elegantly finished wooden ball.