LampizatOr Golden Atlantic DAC (Ex-demo)

LampizatOr Golden Atlantic DAC (Ex-demo)

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This is a sale for our much loved ex-demo LampizatOr Golden Atlantic DAC. It is in excellent condition, it comes supplied with Albedo Cermo anti vibration feet already fitted.

Supplied in LampizatOrs flight case with full manufacturers warranty with 3 month warranty on the valves.

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The “clarity” in this DAC — and by that I mean a combination of immediacy and “openness”, a description that almost defies words if the actual experience of the unveiling isn’t also in the offing — is excellent. If I was a reviewer of the “the arbitrary number assigner” stripe, I’d be giving the Atlantic a clear 10 out of 10, so that tells you how freakin’ impressive I think it is. Chances are, you’ve never heard a DAC like this.”

”The Atlantic is a phenomenal effort from LampizatOr. I’ve been a fan of the brand for many years, and I think this is their best work to date. Simply outstanding — a must-listen.
— Scott Hull, Part-time Audiophile