Naim NAP 6-50 Multi-room power amp (Used)

Naim NAP 6-50 Multi-room power amp (Used)

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An opportunity to grab a Naim classic amp. The NAP 6-50 is 3 stereo power amplifiers built into one chassis with a high quality power supply. This could happily be used as a power house for a multi-room system or as a high quality stereo power amp. Comes with original box, safely packaged.

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Comes supplied with all the cables that are pictured:

Naim speaker cables in various lengths, 1x 4m, 1x 6m, 3 x 3m, 1x 1.5m along with 5 Naim speaker cable connectors.

Naim input cables: 3x 1m din to two phono cables.

Supplied with original packaging.