Quadral Aurum Montan viii (ex-demo)

Quadral Aurum Montan viii (ex-demo)

3,790.00 5,000.00

Ex-demonstration Quadral Aurum Montan VIII, high gloss black.

Superb pair of speakers that offer outstanding value; fantastic build and power handling, look no further if you are seeking a transparent speaker that can play at any sound level with effortless resolution.

Fully boxed with all the accessories, full warranty; RRP was £5000 our ex-demo price £4000. 

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Product features:

·      pressure-chamber/reflex construction for deep, tight, powerful bass.

·      woofers and midranges with ALTIMA® membranes for optimum sound neutrality

·      a large ribbon tweeter for sparkling, finely chiselled treble

·      exceedingly strong drive magnets for increased efficiency and precision

·      select frequency separation components for the best possible signal processing

·      deluxe Real Cable® internal wiring, so that not a single detail is lost

·      slender construction, modern design, and premium high-gloss and genuine wood surfaces

·      Handmade in Germany