Townshend DCT Isolda Speaker Cables, Pair

Townshend DCT Isolda Speaker Cables, Pair


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Termination: Banana to banana.

One cable is 6.5m and the other is 6.75m. Isolda approve the use of their speaker cables in un-equal lengths as the sound is virtually the same, regardless of length. 

As Jay Fisher observed in his review for 6 Moons: “These cables can convey a huge and realistic soundstage… a cable that can flesh out the music from the top to bottom octave.” His conclusion: “The Townshend Isoldas are killer cables.

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  • Inductance: 0.002uH
  • Capacitance: 3,100pF
  • Resistance: 8.4mohms
  • Leakage: 25Mohms
  • Impedance: 8ohms