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Pro-Ject Audio Systems are widely recognised as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the world. Their mission is simply to produce the best sounding turntables and analogue components at the most competitive prices possible. The achievement of this aim has been highlighted by the well-held belief that Pro-Ject are a key driving force behind the vinyl resurgence which the UK and Europe has experienced in the last few years. 

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All Pro-Ject players are manufactured with great care and attention in the Czech Republic by a skilled workforce. The constant Research and Development into new technologies pioneered by the company has seen the development of a range of players and accessories to suit any budget or need. From the budget Elemental, to the award-winning Essential II and stunning Debut Carbon; all the way up to the faultless Signature 12 record player - Pro-Ject is a must-see brand for anyone interested in good quality hi-fi.

Pro-ject also produce phono stages, cables, wall mounts, record cleaning machines, turntable accessories and replacement parts - as well as an innovative range of micro hi-fi electronics under the Box Design brand.

Box Design

Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems is an innovative range of micro hi-fi electronics. Producing small and affordable amplifiers, CD Players, speakers, DACs and various other components has never been hard, but making them sound great has. Now, not only does a Box Design system cost less than traditional hi-fi equipment and fit within any room of your house, it also sounds first-class. 

Box Design regards itself as the ‘next generation of HiFi’ – the link between the micro-sized hardware of the IT world and the big boxes of the audiophile world. All products, except Box Design speakers and headphones, are designed and produced in Europe, assembled at a specialised manufacturing plant, commissioned specially by Pro-Ject.



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2 Xperience SB (Olive Wood) - from £1,100

The Classic Turntable - from £899

VT-E Vertical Turntable - from £269


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The Classic is certainly a sophisticated turntable and its timeless elegance is brought right up to date by the carbon fibre construction of the tonearm. This arm matches well with the supplied Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge and sound-wise it turns in a great performance that’s particularly at home with vocals and jazz. All in all, The Classic is a perfect way to mark a 25th anniversary.
— Hi-Fi Choice

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(Head Box DS headphone pre-amp) -
I made comparisons using the headphone sockets of a good half dozen such amplifiers, ranging in price from £199 to over £1000, and in every case the sound was bettered by that from the Pro-Ject on a number of counts. Principally, the sounds it made simply flowed more naturally.”
— HiFi Critic
(Tube Box DS phono pre-amp) Overall, here’s an excellent product at the price, one that gives a taste of tubes without the noise and input gain issues – while retaining the low noise of solid-state.
— HiFi Choice

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