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German company Quadral's loudspeakers are conceived in such a way that they can handle even difficult amplifiers with ease, which means that you can combine them with virtually any music system. Their primary development objective is not maximum volume when switching over between different loudspeakers, but rather maximum resolution combined with maximum compatibility with all conceivable amplifiers. Their products will stand up to the closest scrutiny in terms of both looks and sound – loyal, reliable companions that make for daily listening pleasure based on outstanding harmony, acoustic radiance, power and clarity.

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Quadral's loudspeaker range includes desktop and bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, centre speakers and AV speakers, and offers reasonably priced starter systems right through to audiophile, reference-class systems. 

Quadral's AURUM electronics meet even the highest audiophile requirements thanks, in-part, to their insistence of the very best from the very beginning of the process. Only the highest calibre components nestle behind the brushed stainless steel façade which help's them to achieve breathtaking sound reproduction.


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