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Questyle Audio is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high resolution music players for portable and car use, as well as wireless audio for home and custom installations. Their product range includes high resolution portable music players (DAPs), current mode headphone amplifiers, true DSD DACs, and high resolution multi-channel wireless audio systems.  

Questyle has main offices in both China and the USA. With many globally patented technologies and a no-compromise philosophy on sound control, industrial design and techniques, Questyle ensures a precise and authentic listening experience and a unique brand value.



Some of the Questyle range:

CMA400i & CMA600i Headphone Amp and DAC, and QP2R DAP

CMA400i fully balanced headphone amplifier and DAC

CMA600i fully balanced headphone amplifier and DAC

QP2R High Resolution Digital Audio Player

Golden Reference System - CMA800P, CAS192D, 2xCMA800R

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