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Headquartered in Tokyo, TAD Labs (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc.) began at Pioneer in 1975 as a project aiming to introduce studio quality loudspeakers for home entertainment, and went on to become an incorporated company in its own right. In 2000 TAD hired renowned loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones (previously of KEF and now of ELAC fame), whose first contribution was the Model One speaker. He went on to design the Reference One, hailed by many audiophiles as one of the greatest speakers of all time.

Industry leaders in Beryllium technology, their professional speakers are installed in over 300 renowned studios and other professional sites around the world, including the world-famous Air Studios in London. You can enjoy TAD's sonic signature in your own home with the Reference and Evolution series.

All development and research is done in-house and the company is staffed by dedicated artisans who eat, sleep, and breathe TAD.


In September 2016 we were proud to showcase a full TAD Evolution Series system for the first time in Scotland, and again on 14th April 2018. While we don't always have TAD products on demo in-store, please get in touch to arrange a demo, or sign-up to our email newsletter or blog if you'd like to hear about future TAD events.


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