Allow your hi-fi system to shine!

Show off its beauty with stunning stands & hi-fi furniture and optimise performance with quality cables & power supplies, isolation devices & equipment feet, and record cleaning products.

The main structure of your system, a hifi rack should not only compliment your surroundings, but enable your system to perform at its best by minimising vibrations. Isolation platforms and equipment feet will reduce them even further.

Our Omega headphone stands by Sieveking are also designed to prolong the life of your investment; as well as keeping your headphones accessible their flat surfaces ensure even pressure to the earpads, helping to keep their shape much longer.

Ensure optimum performance from your turntable with Pro-Ject Audio record clamps, stylus gauges, cartridge alignment tools, etc. and keep your stylus and records in pristine condition with our record cleaning products, from wet cleaning machines to simple brushes.

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