Like your body's nervous system audio cables can make a huge impact on how well a system will perform

There is a common misconception that a cable will add something to the sound coming from your system; the truth is that a high performance cable can reduce interference and noise, enabling the current's flow and ultimately allowing the musical information through more easily. 

You can choose great interconnects and speaker cables, but the main source of interference usually comes from your mains cables. Imagine a turbulent river after a storm - dark and muddy. Now imagine a glacial spring - so clear you can barely see it. You can make the same comparison between low and high quality mains and audio cables - the better you filter the sound (water), the greater the clarity. 

If you're unclear on the difference between single core and multi strand, copper vs silver vs a mixture of the two, or one termination type over another, call or visit us and we'll be happy to clarify.

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