Audio-philia and NuNu Distribution (the UK's first and only TAD Labs distributors) are proud to invite you to experience a full TAD system in Edinburgh. At this exclusive Scottish event, we'll be showcasing the Evolution Series, allowing you to hear for yourselves the realism and vibrancy of sound produced by TAD's advanced technologies.

Enjoy listening sessions with the very best that Verve, Blue Note, ECM and Linn Records have to offer, and feel free to bring along your own best-loved CD/SACDs.

Headquartered in Tokyo, TAD (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc.) began at Pioneer in 1975 as a project aiming to introduce studio quality loudspeakers for home entertainment, and went on to become an incorporated company in it's own right in 2008. Industry leaders in Beryllium technology, their professional speakers are installed in over 300 renowned studios and other professional sites around the world, including the world-famous Air Studios in London. All development and research is done in-house and the company is staffed by dedicated artisans who eat, sleep, breathe TAD.

TAD has many goals, but one above all: to reproduce music with the realism of recorded performance. By reproducing the genuine sound, we remain faithful to the intentions and passions of the artists who create the music.
— TAD Labs

The Evolution Series, which leverages technologies TAD developed for the professional audio market, offers extraordinarily good value in the world of precision-crafted, ultra high-fidelity audio. Our demo will include these components:

Compact Evolution One Loud Speakers (TAD-CE1)
TAD brochure
Home Theatre HiFi's Best of 2015 Award

D/A converter (TAD-DA1000)
TAD brochure
What Hi*Fi 5 star review

SACD/CD Player (TAD-D1000MK2)
TAD brochure
HiFi+ D1000 article

Power Amplifier (TAD-M2500MK2)
TAD brochure


Join us at Audio-philia on Saturday 10th September to find out more about how TAD can enhance your enjoyment of the music you love.