The Company


Hana cartridges are manufactured by Excel Sound Corporation, a Tokyo based company that has been producing both own-brand and OEM cartridges for over 50 years. Excel began by manufacturing low cost cartridges, such as the highly regarded Excel ES70, and by 1978 was producing MC cartridges, with particular expertise in high output MC cartridges. They are perhaps seen as a slightly underground company, not revealing which cartridge brands they have manufactured for over the years. 

Excel established the Hana brand in 2015, and these low and high output moving coil cartridges, which use high rigidity aluminium cantilevers and cross-shaped armatures, quickly began winning reviewer praise and awards. 

Excel pride themselves on their manufacturing quality and quality controls at every stage, ensuring their handmade cartridges offer consistently perfect results.  Their expertise in design and manufacturing has produced in the Hana range some of the finest sounding and value for money cartridges in their price bracket on the market today.


HANA EH MC High Output Cartridge

HANA SL MC Low Output Cartridge

HANA Means Brilliant in Japanese


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